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Meta says Llama 3 beats most other models, including Gemini - The Verge How an iPhone Powered by Google's Gemini AI Might Work - WIRED 正面對決GPT-4 的 Google Gemini AI 模型正式發表,將融入Bard 與 Pixel 8 Pro 之中 - 電腦王阿達 Google生成式AI助理Gemini for Google Cloud正式登場 - iThome Online Latest Google AI model Gemini Pro is now available in Europe - Euronews Google Gemini 不只衝OpenAI 而來,而是左打NVIDIA 右踢Meta 的生態系大戰 - INSIDE 硬塞的網路趨勢觀察 Gemini 正式取代Bard 成 Google AI 一哥,Android / iOS App 體驗也來了 - 電腦王阿達 Forget Wordle — try these 7 Google Gemini prompts to make your own word games - Tom's Guide Gemini Code Assist AI: How to Get Started, Compare to GitHub Copilot - Virtualization Review Discover Google Cloud's future of AI at Next 2024 - SiliconANGLE Google Workspace 預告Gmail新增「幫我寫」語音輸入、Gemini for Google Chat、「為我翻譯」等功能 - T客邦 Techbang Why Google's 'woke' AI problem won't be an easy fix - BBC.com Google releases 'prompting guide' with tips for Gemini in Workspace - 9to5Google ‘OpenAI's ChatGPT, Google Gemini can end civilisation’: Elon Musk warns against use of these AI tools - Business Today Google Gemini and Bard artificial intelligence chatbot performance in ophthalmology knowledge assessment | Eye - Nature Google Chrome will soon let you talk to Gemini right in the address bar - TechRadar Google’s Gemini in security operations expands to enhance investigation lifecycle - Back End News 傳Apple與Google洽談將Gemini AI導入iPhone,股價應聲上漲,若成功有望超越OpenAI - The News Lens 關鍵評論網 - The News Lens 關鍵評論網 Top Three LLMs Compared: GPT-4 Turbo vs. Claude 3 Opus vs. Gemini 1.5 Pro - Spiceworks News and Insights OnePlus and Oppo Set to Integrate Google's Powerful Gemini Ultra AI - Techloy Google Cloud Next 2024: Gemini and generative AI updates - The Keyword | Google Product and Technology News Google Gemini and Bard pass the ophthalmology board examination - News-Medical.Net Google Gemini update: Sundar Pichai introduces Ultra 1.0 in Gemini Advanced - The Keyword | Google Product and Technology News Google最強AI模型Gemini亮相各項基準測試結果比GPT-4優秀 - 香港01 Elon Musk sounds alarm on AI tools, says OpenAI's ChatGPT and Google Gemini can end civilisation - India Today Google Pixel 9: News, leaks, rumored price, and release window - Android Police Google is bringing its most advanced Gemini AI to OnePlus phones - Android Police Google Gemini Integration Streamlines AI Access in Chrome – Here's How - PC-Tablet.co.in 'The party is over for developers looking for AI freebies' — Google terminates Gemini API free access within months ... - TechRadar TechCrunch Minute: Google’s Gemini Code Assist wants to use AI to help developers - TechCrunch Who's the King of LLM? GPT-4 vs. Claude 3 vs. Gemini 1.5 vs. Mistral Large - Trending Topics SEE Elon Musk's warns about Google and OpenAI's programming: ‘ChatGPT and Gemini could end civilization’ | Mint - Mint Why Google's AI tool was slammed for showing images of people of colour - Al Jazeera English Google DeepMind傑出科學家紀懷新:台灣是Gemini時代的要角|天下雜誌 - 天下雜誌 Google launches Code Assist, its latest challenger to GitHub’s Copilot - TechCrunch Google's Gemini 1.5 Pro can now hear - The Verge Google Gemini暫時下架因AI強制「多元化」!遭社群質疑歧視白人副總裁出面道歉 - Yahoo奇摩新聞 Google’s Gemini comes to databases - TechCrunch 傳蘋果洽談在iPhone上使用Google Gemini或ChatGPT - iThome Online 蘋果iOS 18 的首波AI 機能據傳將不會採用雲端運算方式 - Yahoo新聞 Google 新模型「Gemini 1.5」亮相!token 數破百萬、採MoE 架構效率更佳 - INSIDE 硬塞的網路趨勢觀察 Leak shows upcoming Gemini integration in Chrome works much simpler than Copilot in Edge - XDA Developers Apple in talks to let Google's Gemini power iPhone AI features, Bloomberg News says - Reuters Google might let you talk to Gemini from Chrome directly, here is how it could work - India Today Google’s Gemini Pro 1.5 enters public preview on Vertex AI - TechCrunch Google Bard 改名 Gemini 推出全新付費版服務 - UNWIRE.HK 次世代AI 殺到!Google Gemini 1.5 版發表 - ePrice.HK Google 正式推出最新人工智能「Gemini」付費訂閱服務,正式對決OpenAI 的GPT 模型! - GQ Taiwan Meta 發佈最新版本 Llama 3 據稱性能超越 Gemini - UNWIRE.PRO Google 為Android 及iOS 平台推出Gemini 服務 - Yahoo新聞 Google Gemini 程式全球多國上架未支援地區側載後兩招突破封鎖 - ePrice.HK Meta Llama 3 AI Models With 8B and 70B Parameters Launched, Said to Outperform Google’s Gemini 1.5 Pro - Gadgets 360 台灣也能玩!Google Gemini AI 安裝 APK 搶先試用教學 - 電腦王阿達 Gemini多元化矯枉過正,遭Google暫停人物圖像生成功能 - iThome Online AI 接連翻車的Google,要變天了 - TechNews 科技新報 Google's Gemini Ultra AI model may have cost $191 million, new Stanford AI report estimates - Fortune Not a fan of Google Gemini? How to revert back to Google Assistant - Laptop Mag OPPO and OnePlus Unveil New AI Phone Innovations Powered by Google's Gemini Model - elblog.pl Google Gemini now lets you tag in YouTube to find the perfect video — here's how - Tom's Guide Gemini不是要幹掉ChatGPT!Google兵分三路想做什麼?AI大戰解析 - 數位時代 Gemini挑機ChatGPT 外媒實測:誰勝誰負尚未知 - 香港01 Google Announces Agent Builder, Expanded Gemini 1.5, Open-Source Additions - infoq.com 【圖解】Google憑Gemini一甩Bard陰霾,肩負10億鐵粉「偶包」如何逆襲AI終端應用戰? - Yahoo奇摩新聞 Gemini 背後,Google 真正可怕之處不是模型本身 - TechNews 科技新報 GPT-4V最強對手來了,Google多模態Gemini模型登場,手機不連網也能從錄音檔摘要會議紀錄 - iThome Online How to Change Back to Google Assistant After Switching to Gemini - Gizmodo I gave Google Gemini 1.5 a video of the total eclipse and asked it to write a song — here's what it sounds like - Tom's Guide 4 Ways AI Can Make Working With PDFs Easier - MUO - MakeUseOf Reka AI launches multimodal language model to rival Google's Gemini - Tech in Asia Elon Musk Says ChatGPT And Gemini Can End Civilization - VOI English Why Gemini Will Not Replace Google Search - Search Engine Journal Google承認Gemini超神影片造假「動了幾刀」!號稱打贏GPT-4,其實很水? - 數位時代 Google is putting Gemini AI right in the Chrome address bar — here's how it will work - Tom's Guide Google Cloud Next 2024 Key Insights for Practical AI Apps - Spiceworks News and Insights Apple Is in Talks to Let Google Gemini Power iPhone AI Features - Bloomberg 7 Tips to Make You a Google Gemini Expert - Gizmodo Google Gemini May Soon Be Easily Accessible Via Chrome Browser - Lowyat.NET Google's DeepMind to Lead Unified AI Charge as Company Seeks to Outpace Microsoft - Yahoo 整理包/2024 AI 大趨勢!GPT Store來了、科技巨擘 AI 語言模型大車拚 誰會笑到最後? - 經濟日報 Google 在台力推Gemini 學院!第三條海底電纜也將完工啟用 - INSIDE 硬塞的網路趨勢觀察 Google testing Gemini integration in Chrome's search box - MobileSyrup Google Gemini will be a "Cornerstone Technology" Powering a Wide Range of AI-Driven Innovations - WebProNews Google Chrome for desktop could get Gemini integration soon - Android Police Google's Gemini Pro 1.5 can now hear as well as see — what it means for you - Tom's Guide Google and world's largest ad group announce landmark AI collaboration - Search Engine Land Google推出「會看會聽」的機器人Gemini,ChatGPT九大測試輸慘了|天下雜誌 - 天下雜誌 Cardano Founder Charles Hoskinson Takes A Playful Jab At Google’s Gemini AI - CoinGape Google最強模型Gemini,30項測試打贏GPT-4!Pixel 8 Pro搶先解鎖2大AI功能 - 數位時代 For Apple-Google Frenemies, AI Partnership Makes Sense for iPhone and Gemini - Bloomberg WPP and Google Cloud forge groundbreaking new collaboration to lead generative AI-driven marketing into its next ... - WPP Google 的一部Gemini AI 示範影片有誇大能力之嫌 - Yahoo新聞 Oh, Brother: The Verge games Google again for 'best printer 2024' - Search Engine Land OpenAI's ChatGPT, Google Gemini can end civilisation, says Elon Musk - Business Standard Google's bad Gemini rollout did the world a favor - The Japan Times 迎接Gemini 世代的全新篇章 - Google台灣 - 官方部落格 Google Gemini on the iPhone Would Be AI's Mainstream Moment - CNET Google承認Gemini示範影片不是真的,股價應聲下跌 - iThome Online Galaxy S25 could offer improved GenAI capability with second-generation Gemini Nano - SamMobile - Samsung news AI趨勢周報第250期:Google一篇論文揭示LLM如何處理無限長文字輸入 - iThome Online Google Consolidates Teams With Aim to Create AI Products Faster - Bloomberg

由於google gemini內容廣泛,應用場合多樣化,因此專題介紹並沒有特定的結構和風格。google gemini專題介紹是就某些特定的人物事物,或事物的某些特定的範圍、層面作比較專門、深入介紹的文字。一般專題介紹以面向社會公眾為主,通常沒有十分明確的寫作對象。

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