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廣告收入復甦Meta、Google成大贏家 - Yahoo Statement on EDPB "Pay or Okay" Opinion - noyb.eu Meta AI is restricting election-related responses in India - TechCrunch 從Meta積極於2024年購買35萬顆H100,得知短期內輝達地位難撼動 - 科技產業資訊室 Meta adds a popular AI feature to WhatsApp - Gizchina.com Meta Releases Free AI Chatbot, Adobe Adds Sora To Premiere - Forbes 美股開市前:寶潔、特斯拉跌2% Meta升逾1% 中概股普跌 - Investing.com 香港 Meta releases beefed-up AI models | Arts & Entertainment | citynewsokc.com - Oklahoma City Sentinel Meta新AI助理與人交流有點奇特 - 星島日報-美國版 蘋果在陸下架 Meta 旗下 App - 聯合新聞網 Meta Announces AI Assistant Powered by Llama 3—Here's What You Need To Know - Investopedia 網絡 Meta Quest 3 Lite 爆料 或以 Meta Quest 3S 名義推出 - UNWIRE.HK Our Approach to Labeling AI-Generated Content and Manipulated Media - Meta Store Meta AI Faces Off Against Google, OpenAI With New Standalone Chatbot—As AI Arms Race Heats Up - Forbes 《科技》Meta新AI模型Llama3 高通將導入Snapdragon旗艦平台 - 中時新聞網 Meta is adding real-time AI image generation to WhatsApp - The Verge Here's Why Meta Platforms' (META) Revenue Growth is Coming Down - Yahoo Finance Meta, others should give users free option without targeted ads, EU privacy watchdog says - Reuters IBM Offers Meta's Llama 3 Open Models on Watsonx, Expands Portfolio of Next Generation Enterprise-Ready Models - IBM Meta releases latest AI model, Llama 3 - Business Insider How to watch stunning 3D movies in your Meta Quest 3 - ReadWrite 歐盟認為Meta應該提供用戶無行為追蹤廣告的免費服務 - iThome Online Israel using Meta's WhatsApp to kill Palestinians in Gaza through AI system - Middle East Monitor Meta adds its AI chatbot, powered by Llama 3, to the search bar across its apps - TechCrunch Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger are all rolling out Meta AI search right now. - The Verge Meta’s Oversight Board probes explicit AI-generated images posted on Instagram and Facebook - TechCrunch Meta is making it easier to bring Quest headsets into the classroom - The Verge Judge dismisses some claims against Meta's Zuckerberg over social media harm - Reuters Meta launches new versions of Llama and its AI assistant - Axios Meta(META.US)發布大型AI語言模型Llama 3早期版本 - 阿斯達克財經網 Meta Platforms (META) to Report Q1 Earnings: What to Expect - Yahoo Finance New Education Product for Quest Devices Will Help Teachers Bring Subjects to Life in New Ways - Meta Store Meta is temporarily shutting Threads down in Turkey on April 29th. - The Verge The Meta Quest 2 gets a permanent price cut to $199 - The Verge Meta Unveils Llama-3—We Put the New Top Open-Source AI Model to the Test - Decrypt Meta 推出全新Llama 3 模型,Meta.Ai 網頁版、AI 聊天本地軟體皆能免費玩到了 - 電腦王阿達 Meta推出開源大模型Llama 3 - Yahoo 全球首個開源GPT-4來了!Meta正式推出Llama 3 即將追上OpenAI | Anue鉅亨- 美股雷達 - Anue鉅亨 Meta's AI apparently thinks it has a child. - The Verge Apple removes WhatsApp and Threads from China store under pressure from Beijing - Financial Times WhatsApp integrates Meta AI to change messaging experience - TechCabal Meta releases Llama 3, claims it’s among the best open models available - TechCrunch IG、FB 重大升級!Meta AI 助理全面導入平台 - INSIDE 硬塞的網路趨勢觀察 糗!臉書、IG、Threads全球大當機 Meta主管只能在X發公告 - 聯合新聞網 Meta steps up AI battle with OpenAI and Google with release of Llama 3 - The Guardian Why Meta Platforms Stock Flopped on Friday - Yahoo Finance Meta releases its new Llama 3 open-source AI model. Is it enough to keep Meta at the front of the pack? - Fortune Meta says you can’t turn off its new AI tool on Facebook, Instagram - Global News Meta Llama 3 基礎模型已在AWS 正式可用 - 網管人雜誌 對ChatGPT 宣戰!Meta 發表Llama 3 新模型,新版AI 助理獲支援 - TechNews 科技新報 Meta三大平台FB、IG、Threads深夜大當機!用戶帳號全被登出Meta發言人在X回應了 - 財訊 Meta releases new AI assistant powered by Llama 3 model - The Verge Meta says Llama 3 beats most other models, including Gemini - The Verge Meta AI|WhatsApp再增AI功能可於對話實時生成AI圖片- 香港經濟日報- 即時新聞頻道- 科技 - 香港經濟日報 - 即時新聞 Meta rolls out upgraded AI assistant across Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp - Fox Business Meta raises the bar with open source Llama 3 LLM - AI News Meta AI Joins Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp and Messenger: What to Know - CNET Meta 推出以Llama 3 為基礎的新一代AI 助理 - Yahoo新聞 Meta Debuts Llama 3, Latest AI Model to Power Chatbots - Yahoo Finance EU privacy body adopts view on Meta’s controversial ‘consent or pay’ tactic - TechCrunch Apple Pulls WhatsApp From China App Store on Beijing Request - Bloomberg Apple Pulls WhatsApp, Threads From China App Store - TIME How to Use Meta AI on Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram & the Web - Tech.co Meta又掛了:FB、IG全球當機之亂,祖克柏沒在怕的「倒不了」底氣? - udn 轉角國際 How Meta got Google search results in its AI chatbot. - The Verge How to use Meta AI image generator on WhatsApp; here’s the process - The Times of India Meta's upgraded AI comes to WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook - Android Police Meta推新一代AI模型融入WhatsApp及FB - 星島日報 Meta AI聊天機器人改用Llama 3,開始涉足全球市場 - iThome Online Apple pulls Meta's WhatsApp, Threads from China App Store - CNBC TechCrunch Minute: Meta’s new Llama 3 models give open source AI a boost - TechCrunch What You Need To Know Ahead of Meta's Earnings Report - Investopedia 隨著Meta推出新AI,扎克伯格身價已超馬斯克 - Wall Street Journal Meta must stop charging for people's right to privacy - Euronews Meta's newest AI-powered chatbots show off impressive features and bizarre behavior - CBS News What is Llama 3, Meta’s most sophisticated and capable large language model? - The Indian Express Meta to close Threads in Turkey to comply with injunction prohibiting data sharing with Instagram - TechCrunch Meta AI 引入到 FB/IG/WhatsApp/Messenger 聊天畫面、Feed 畫面直接取用 AI 模型 - UNWIRE.HK Meta debuts next-generation Llama 3 LLM series and new chatbot features - SiliconANGLE Meta釋出最新的開源大型語言模型Meta Llama 3 - iThome Online Meta oversight board reviews handling of AI-created celebrity porn - Reuters Apple pulls WhatsApp, Threads from China App Store following state order - TechCrunch Meta releases early versions of its Llama 3 AI model - Reuters Meta's new AI assistant is rolling out across WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook and Messenger - CNBC Magnificent Meta Stock Holds Strong Amid Expectations For Bullish Quarter - Investor's Business Daily EU tells Meta it can't paywall privacy - The Register Meta, in Its Biggest A.I. Push, Places Smart Assistants Across Its Apps - The New York Times 一文教你免費玩!Meta AI 推出挑機ChatGPT,免費生成AI 圖/ 動畫仲識「戴頭盔」? - ePrice.HK Apple removes Meta’s WhatsApp and Threads services from China App Store - South China Morning Post We Will Temporarily Shut Down Threads in Türkiye - Meta Store WhatsApp 官方升級 Meta AI!即睇 3 大更新重點! - ezone.hk 即時科技生活新聞 【教學】Meta AI 人工智能模型教學 3 步免費使用 + 中文對話心得 + 製圖心得 - UNWIRE.HK Meta unveils less 'sanctimonious' AI model as tech rivalry heats up - Financial Times Meta推出新AI模型「Llama 3」 力拚OpenAI與Google等公司| Anue鉅亨- 美股雷達 - Anue鉅亨 Facebook parent Meta Platforms unveils new set of artificial intelligence systems - The Associated Press Meta Is Already Training a More Powerful Successor to Llama 3 - WIRED Meta's Llama 3 AI assistant is now live on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp — and it's shockingly fast - Tom's Guide



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